Nicotine bags made me quit smoking

It was a coincidence that I tested XQS for the first time and the taste was Cactus Sour. It was a friend of mine who used nicotine bags for a long time
who bought it at a store here in Västerås. The taste and nicotine delivery that almost made me a little dizzy at first was great, and I actually got his

can if I promised to try to quit smoking.

It is today over 3 months ago and today I mainly use Blueberry Mint the stronger variant. The happiest is probably my girl who avoids me smelling smoke.
Snus has been tried by polar bears from time to time, but I have never really got the hang of it before, this fresher and slightly smaller prill made me get stuck.

// Ricardo

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We want to know a little more about Ricardo’s and his everyday life now as a non-smoker:

How do you spend the days? I work as a sales manager at a company here in Västerås, and of course I miss going out and smoking with my old “smoke friends”,
but I have also realized what time I spent smoking. The negative with “snus” is that you have it close all the time and maybe you take one too much sometimes :).
When I get home I exercise a lot and hope like everyone else that the Pandemic will soon start to end, I am from Portugal and hope to soon be able to go and visit
the family more easily.


Otherwise, football is my big interest, today I do not play myself but follow Real Madrid slavishly, my partner would probably say.

Do you want to quit nicotine? Yes, it is clear that I have considered quitting completely, but right now I have no plans for that, we just got a dog and it
affects the economy and then you think of course. But no not right now but who knows, it’s just that I can bring products to Portugal so you do not start smoking again.

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Original Loose

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