• XQS pauses sales of Twin Apple

    A great taste is our hallmark and we know that many of you love the taste of Twin Apple for that reason. Unfortunately, we have discovered a few cans where the aromas used in the seasoning have compromised on the quality of the pouch itself. So after a big launch, we are taking a small step back to improve the Twin Apple. This means a longer break in the sale of Twin Apple.
  • XQS with and without nicotine

    All XQS products are tobacco free and will always be the . After 10 years of the tradition of also being completely nicotine-free, we are now broadening the range with an alternative containing nicotine. XQS older products will continue to be manufactured as usual with the same tobacco-free and nicotine-free recipes.
  • Nicotine-free - Temporary delivery problems

    Nicotine-free - Temporary delivery problems

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